Semalt: Amazing Features Of NeoDownloader – A High-Quality Image Scraper

NeoDownloader is a fast, convenient and easy solution for defining the parameters of a site and downloading bulk files from any website or blog. This tool intends to help us download and view from hundreds to thousands of photos, pictures, high-quality videos, wallpapers, mp3 files or any other file automatically.

You just have to specify the URL or link and select what you want to do. NeoDownloader helps you download data from different web pages in the form of images and videos, and makes it easy for you to download a single or multiple image galleries without any issue. This fully automatic program even helps to download an entire website from the net. What you have to do is to drag and drop the link from a browser to NeoDownloader's floating basket. Doing so, you will be able to download your favorite photos from any site with just a few mouse clicks.

It is one of the best built-in image viewers and media players on the internet. NeoDownloader allows you to view any file you have downloaded within seconds and even displays them in the form of slideshows.

Amazingly, NeoDownloader is bundled with a huge online database of the ready-to-download projects, such as numerous wallpapers, top-notch pictures of beautiful models and celebrities, the artwork of popular photographers and artists, funny images and animated GIFs. This image scraping and the downloading program makes it easy for us to download our favorite pictures, songs, and audio video files.

NeoDownloader Features:

1. NeoDownloader is easy to use:

It's safe to mention that NeoDownloader is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. Using this tool, you don't have to worry about the pop-up ads and banners.

2. Download any type of graphics file:

One of the best and most prominent features of NeoDownloader is that you can download your choice of audios, videos, images or any other files within seconds. The plus point is that NeoDownloader does its work quickly and never compromises on quality.

3. Download the URL ranges and lists of URLs:

What makes NeoDownloader distinctive is its ability to download the URL ranges and lists of URLs instantly. You just have to specify the number of URLs and let NeoDownloader does its work.

4. NeoDownloader helps download from any website:

Even when a website is password protected, NeoDownloader will make it easy to download and save your favorite photos, audio and video files.

5. Advanced filters:

NeoDownloader's advanced filtering option lets you download the data you love and avoids downloading unwanted content on your hard disk.

6. Multiple connections:

NeoDownloader allows up to twenty simultaneous connections.

7. Slideshow capabilities:

NeoDownloader comes with a built-in image viewer and has amazing slideshow capabilities. Moreover, its audio/video player makes it a choice of non-programmers and freelancers.

8. Supports different archives:

NeoDownloader is one of those very few tools that support both RAR and Zip archives. It means you can save your graphics files or another type of data in both of these formats.

9. NeoDownloader Lite:

NeoDownloader Lite is a free bulk image downloader that supports PNG and JPG files. Using this tool, you don't need to look for a serial number, registration code or key generator on the internet.

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